【Integration Guide】HUAWEI Account Kit Overview

About HUAWEI Account Kit

HUAWEI ID is the credential that provides users with access to a wide range of Huawei services, such as Huawei cloud services. As a fundamental development service offered by HMS Core, Account Kit provides you with simple, secure and quick sign-in and authorization functions. Rather than needing to repeatedly enter account and password information, and then wait for authentication, users can simply tap the Sign in with HUAWEI ID button to sign in directly to your app via their HUAWEI IDs.


Authorized Sign-in for All Scenarios

Account Kit enables the user to be authorized to sign in to your app through a HUAWEI ID, sparing them from having to enter personal information, setting passwords, and waiting to have the information verified by email or SMS message. Once authorization has been completed, no sign-in authorization screen will be displayed when the user signs in to your app again, greatly reducing the user churn rate during registration and sign-in.

In addition, Account Kit supports seamless sign-in switching between different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, Vision, head units, and watches. This helps you better present your product and services on Huawei devices across all scenarios.

A Global HUAWEI ID User Base

Account Kit enjoys a truly global reach, serving more than 190 countries and regions, and coming supported in 70+ languages. By integrating the service into your app, you’ll benefit from access to a vast number of new potential users, and be equipped to expand your presence in new markets.

Secure and Reliable Services

Account Kit complies with prestigious international protocols, including OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, and enables users to complete sign-in via a password and verification code, with the data encrypted, as well as offers an RISC-based cross-account protection function. This rigorous framework helps ensure that Account Kit meets relevant user privacy regulations around the world, and when coupled with HUAWEI ID sign-in, frees you from the hassle of managing user account data.

A Convenient and Cohesive Solution

1. The development guide, sample code, and integration tool for Account Kit are continually being optimized to reduce integration costs.

ü Quick integration on the client: You can use HMS Toolkit to download the demo, check development environment configuration, and drag and drop the required code to complete integration in half a working day.

ü Quick integration on the server: You can reference both the Java and PHP sample code.

2. Account Kit allows you to connect to the Huawei ecosystem using your HUAWEI ID from a range of different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and Vision.

Account Kit offers simple, secure and quick sign-in and authorization functions. In addition, it leverages the reach of its vast user base and all-scenario ecosystem, to provide you with direct access to new users in new markets.

We will continue to optimize Account Kit to help you achieve your business goals, and hope you’ll enjoy access to such a broad range of game-changing services.

Use a browser to scan the QR code below to try the demo app:

(Note: The app may collect relevant information for user statistics.)

For more information about Account Kit, please visit:

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l Codelab

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For more details, you can go to:

l Our official website

l Our Development Documentation page, to find the documents you need

l Reddit to join our developer discussion

l GitHub to download demos and sample codes

l Stack Overflow to solve any integration problems

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