Cloud Testing: — Variety of tests on your Android App


Cloud-based testing services can be a most power full feature for app developers. But when it comes to choosing a testing service, you would be remiss if you only conducted automated tests or in-house tests. Automatic test processes based on real mobile phone use.

1. Compatibility Test

2. Stability Test

3. Performance Test

4. Power consumption Test

Let’s start how to do Cloud testing

· We need to create a project in android studio.

· Create an application in the Huawei AGC.

· Provide the SHA-256 Key in App Information Section.

· Provide storage location.

· Download the agconnect-services.json from AGC. Paste into app directory.

· Add required dependencies into root and app directory

· Sync your project

· Start implement any sample application.

Let’s start Compatibility Test

· The compatibility test of cloud test allows you to perform real machine tests.

· This test performs different scenarios of testing like installation, ANR, crash, UI error etc.

· Create Compatibility Test Task.

· Sign in to AGC and select your project.

· Select Project settings -> Quality -> Cloud Testing

· Select Compatibility Test and click start Now.

· Create Test Task, Upload APK into cloud testing

· After uploading success click Next button.

· Select device model and click OK Button.

· If you want create another test click Create Another test, if you want to view test lists then click View Test List it will redirect to test result page.

· Select Compatibility test from the dropdown list.

· Click View operation to check the test result.



Automating your testing process can reduce up to 99% of defects in your application, before releasing to manual testing. Huawei provides a detailed report for your to improve your app