Once again Huawei announced Apps up competition to all mobile app developers around world. The competition aims to show cases their own ideas to world. Talented mobile app developers compete against each other to create seamless, smart and innovative digital experiences, and explore the future of digital intelligence.


In the previous articles, we discussed common visual event tracking and tag template-based visual event tracking. In this article, I’ll be introducing you to visual event tracking by HUAWEI Analytics.

What Is Visual Event Tracking by HUAWEI Analytics?

This mode is used to add visual events for scenarios where HUAWEI Analytics is used. HUAWEI Analytics creates visual event…

In the previous article, we discussed the common visual event tracking function of DTM. In this article, I’ll introduce how to use tag template-based visual event tracking.

What Is Tag Template-based Visual Event Tracking?

Tag template-based visual event tracking adds visual events based on a tag template that is preset for a third-party analytics platform, and is…

Event tracking is a technology for collecting and processing user behavior data or events, and is widely used for user behavior analysis and data processing. It helps product managers, operations personnel, and data analysts to precisely collect and analyze user behavior data, create user profiles, as well as analyze and…


In this article, we will learn how to implement Image Classification feature in flutter application. Image classification uses the transfer learning algorithm to perform multi-level learning training. Huawei ML Kit provides many useful machine learning related features to developers and one of them is Image Classification.

About Image Classification

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