Once again Huawei announced Apps up competition to all mobile app developers around world. The competition aims to show cases their own ideas to world. Talented mobile app developers compete against each other to create seamless, smart and innovative digital experiences, and explore the future of digital intelligence.

How can I register Huawei ID?

1. To join Huawei, you have to must register Huawei account on this URL.

2. You can register a Huawei ID with Mobile Number or email address.


In this article, we will learn how to implement Huawei HiAI kit using Text Recognition service into android application, this service helps us to extract the data from screen shots and photos.

Now a days everybody lazy to type the content, there are many reasons why we want to integrate this service into our apps. User can capture or pic image from gallery to retrieve the text, so that user can edit the content easily.

Use Case: Using this HiAI kit, user can extract the unreadable image content to make useful, let’s start.


1. Any operating system (MacOS…


In this article, we will learn how to implement Huawei HiAI kit using Image super resolution service into android application, so we can easily convert the high resolution images and can reduce the image quality size automatically.

You can capture a photo or old photo with low resolution and if you want to convert the picture to high resolution automatically, so this service will help us to change.

What is Huawei HiAI Service?

HiAI is Huawei’s AI computing platform. Huawei HiAI is a mobile terminal–oriented artificial intelligence (AI) computing platform that constructs three layers of ecology: service capability openness…

In the previous articles, we discussed common visual event tracking and tag template-based visual event tracking. In this article, I’ll be introducing you to visual event tracking by HUAWEI Analytics.

What Is Visual Event Tracking by HUAWEI Analytics?

This mode is used to add visual events for scenarios where HUAWEI Analytics is used. HUAWEI Analytics creates visual event tracking templates based on common industry scenarios. This mode is applicable to scenarios where analysis reports are viewed on HUAWEI Analytics.

1.1 Accessing the Visual Event Tracking Page

1. Go to HUAWEI Analytics > Intelligent data access > Tracing by coding, and click Visual tracking next to a report.

2. In the dialog box displayed, select an…

In the previous article, we discussed the common visual event tracking function of DTM. In this article, I’ll introduce how to use tag template-based visual event tracking.

What Is Tag Template-based Visual Event Tracking?

Tag template-based visual event tracking adds visual events based on a tag template that is preset for a third-party analytics platform, and is a convenient way to report events to a fixed third-party analytics platform.

1.1 Accessing the Visual Event Tracking Page

Here, Google Analytics is used as an example. Perform the following:

1. Click the Visual event tab in the DTM portal.

2. Click Visual event tracking by tag template in the upper right corner.

3. Click Create in…

Event tracking is a technology for collecting and processing user behavior data or events, and is widely used for user behavior analysis and data processing. It helps product managers, operations personnel, and data analysts to precisely collect and analyze user behavior data, create user profiles, as well as analyze and optimize products. However, manual event tracking has high requirements in terms of technical skills, as well as requiring a huge workload and a long development period.

The visual event tracking function of Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) was created to deal with such issues. DTM provides multiple solutions for tracking visual…


In this article, we will learn how to implement Huawei Awareness kit features, so we can easily integrate these features in to our Flutter application. In this article we are going to take a look at the Awareness kit Capture API features such as Dark mode awareness and App status awareness.

What is Huawei Awareness kit Service?

Huawei Awareness kit supports to get the app insight into a users’ current situation more efficiently, making it possible to deliver a smarter, more considerate user experience and it provides the users’ current time, location, behavior, audio device status, ambient light, weather


In this article, we will learn how to implement Image Segmentation feature in flutter application. Using this we can segments same elements such as human body, plant and sky from an image. We can use in different scenarios, it can be used in photography apps to apply background.

About Image Segmentation

Image Segmentation allows developers two types of segmentation Human body and multiclass segmentation. We can apply image segmentation on static images and video streams if we select human body type. But we can only apply segmentation for static images in multiclass segmentation.

Huawei ML Kit’s Image Segmentation service…

“What’s it like to date a programmer?”

John is a Huawei programmer. His girlfriend Jenny, a teacher, has an interesting answer to that question: “Thanks to my programmer boyfriend, my course ranked among the most popular online courses at my school”.

Let’s go over how this came to be. Due to COVID-19, the school where Jenny taught went entirely online. Jenny, who was new to live streaming, wanted her students to experience the full immersion of traveling to Tokyo, New York, Paris, the Forbidden City, Catherine Palace, and the Louvre Museum, so that they could absorb all of the relevant…


In this article, we will learn how to implement Image Classification feature in flutter application. Image classification uses the transfer learning algorithm to perform multi-level learning training. Huawei ML Kit provides many useful machine learning related features to developers and one of them is Image Classification.

About Image Classification

Image classification is one of the features of HMS ML Kit. By this service we can classify the objects in images. This service analyses an image, classifies it into possible categories in real world, like people, animal, objects etc. and it returns the recognized results.

We can detects images two…

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