Huawei Augmented Reality is increasing every day in different areas like shopping, Games, Education etc. AR Engine provides a mesh with more than 4,000 vertices and 7,000 triangles to precisely outline face contours, and enhance the overall user experience.

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AR Engine Services

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory.

It provide basic AR capabilities such as motion tracking, environment tracking, body tracking, and face tracking.


Integrating Huawei In-App Purchases kit using Flutter (Cross Platform)

Huawei supports In-App Purchases feature is a simple and convenient mechanism for selling additional features directly from application. App functionality like remove ads, multiplayer mode in a game, etc…

In this article I will show you to subscribe Grocery store pro plan using In-App-Purchases.

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IAP Services

Huawei In-App Purchases (IAP) service allows you to provide purchase directly with in your app and assist you with facilitating payment flow. Users can purchase a variety of virtual products, including one-time virtual products as well as subscriptions.

For selling with In-App Purchases you need to create a product and select its type among…

This article shows you to add a Huawei map to your application. We will learn how to implement Markers, Calculate distance, Show Path.

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Map Kit Services

Huawei Map Kit provides easily to integrate map based functions into your apps, map kit currently supports more than 200 countries and 40+ languages. It supports UI elements such as markers, shapes, layers etc..! The plugin automatically handles access to adding markers and response to user gestures such as markers drag, clicks and allow user to interact with the map.

Currently HMS Map Kit supports below capabilities.

1. Map Display

2. Map Interaction

3. Map…

Integrate Huawei kits in Online Food ordering app | App Messaging | Analytics kit | JAVA


Online food ordering is process to deliver food from restaurants. In this article will do how to Integrate Huawei Analytics, App-Messaging in food applications.


1. Create App in Android.

2. Configure App in AGC.

3. Integrate the SDK in our new Android project.

4. Integrate the dependencies.

5. Sync project.

Analytics Module

Huawei Analytics will help you understand how people using mobile application. Analytics model help you gain a deeper insight into your user, products and contents.

1. Collect and report custom events. …

Huawei Location Kit provides developers enabling their apps to get quick and accurate user current location and expand global positioning capabilities using GPS, Wi-Fi, and base station locations.


This article shows the steps to integrate HMS Flutter Location plugin with online store. This application will help you to get items based on your current location. Locating is now required everywhere for situations such as sharing current location, ordering and identify the shops.

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Location Kit Services

Huawei Location Kit provides developers enabling their apps to get quick and accurate user current location and expand global positioning capabilities using GPS, Wi-Fi, and base station locations.

Currently HMS Location Kit below capabilities.

1. Fused Location

2. Activity Identification

3. Geofence

Fused Location provider manages the underlying location technologies such as GPS and Wi-Fi we can determine current device location. …

Huawei Analytics kit offers you a range of analytics models that help you to analyze the users’ behavior with predefined and custom events, you can gain a deeper insight into your users, products and helps you gain insight into how users behaves on different platforms based on the user behavior events and user attributes reported by through apps.

Huawei Analytics kit, our one-stop analytics platform provides developers with intelligent, convenient and powerful analytics capabilities, using this we can optimize apps performance and identify marketing channels.

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Use Cases

1. Analyze user behaviours’ using both predefined and custom events.

2. Use audience segmentation to tailor your marketing activities to your users’ behaviours’ and preferences.

3. Use dashboards and analytics to measure your marketing activities and identify areas to improve.

Automatically collected events are collected from the moment you enable the Analytics. Event IDs are already reserved by HUAWEI Analytics Kit and cannot be reused.

Predefined events include their own Event IDs which are predefined by the HMS Core Analytics SDK based on common application…

Integrating ML kit using Flutter (Cross Platform)

Huawei supports so many features with Machine learning Kit. It grows up day to day and comes with new MLkit features. In this article, I will show how to develop flutter application using the Huawei ML kit Text Translation. We can develop different types of AI apps using ML Kit.


Flutter ML Plugin enables communication between the HMS Core ML SDK and flutter platform. This plugin exposes all functionality provided by the ML SDK.

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ML Kit Services

Huawei ML Kit provides wide range of machine learning services and we can integrate easily into our application. …

Integrating Huawei Ads kit using Flutter (Hybrid development)

Huawei is providing one of the best HMS Ads kit to advertise their ads via mobile apps. In this way they can reach their target audience more easily and they can measure their efficiency. Using Ads kit we can create high quality and personalized ads in our application.

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Supported Ad Types

1. Splash Ads

2. Banner Ads

3. Interstitial Ads

4. Native Ads

5. Rewarded Ads

6. Roll Ads

7. Express Splash Ads

Flutter setup

Refer this URL to setup Flutter.

Software Requirements

1. Android Studio 3.X

2. JDK 1.8 and later

3. SDK Platform 19 and later

4. Gradle 4.6 and…

Track Application Performance using Huawei APM (Application Performance Management) | JAVA

Huawei App Gallery Connect providing to track application performance in real time


Application performance management is the one of the quality service provided Huawei App Gallery Connect. This service can monitor app performance continuously. We can track different reports such as.

1. Collecting information about app launches, network requests, and foreground/background activities automatically.

2. Monitoring ANR problems and recording device information.

3. Supporting custom traces to monitor app performance data in specific scenarios.

Key features

1. Automatically collecting app information.

2. To view and analyse the app performance.

3. To create custom traces to monitor the application specific scenarios.

APM Configuration.

Huawei form recognition service uses AI technologies to recognize input images


Form recognition service can recognize the information from FORM it will return table content such as table count, rows, columns, cellcoordinate, textInfo, etc..! and table content in Chinese and English.

Use case

This service will help you in daily basis, for example after collecting a large number of data we can use this service to recognize and convert the content into electronic documents.


1. Forms such as questionnaires can be recognized.

2. Currently images containing multiple forms cannot be recognized.

3. Shooting Angle: The horizontal tilt angle is less than 5 degrees.

4. Form Integrity: No missing corners and no bent or segment…

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